Sunday, May 8, 2016

Upcycled Mini Rocker

Hello, Crafty Folks!
I must admit my time management has sucked lately!  Between Passover and illness. I have struggled to get back on track with my to-do list.  The great thing about this site is that I created it as a reference site and I have a little more leeway for updates.

Today I am sharing a project that is on my blog and that was created for Earth Safe Finishes® Paints. 
Upcycling The Hubster's Goodwill finds has become a high point in my DIY/MIY journey.  Although I still enjoy card making, the idea of continuing the useful life of a piece of furniture or even an old bottle is exciting to me.  I love the transformation.  This chair was dusty and the seat and back were soiled and torn when The Hubster handed it to me.  "I know you can make this pretty, baby," was his only comment.  The Hubster doesn't talk much!
I think the greatest thing for me about this project was the fact that my eldest grandson asked if he could have it once I finished.  He said it was cool and would make a great home for his Yokai Plushies.  That is a fabulous compliment!
One of the greatest finds for me has been the DCWV Burlap Paper Stack.  I wanted to create interest on the back of the chair, so I cut one of the decorative squares from my burlap fabric and decoupaged it to a piece of the DCWV burlap paper and it really looks cool.  I found a beautiful Bo Bunny Brad to add to the top and we were good to go!
I created the chair cushion and the pillow from some scrap pieces of foam leftover from The Hubster's upholstery project.  The addition of a little Bo Bunny Brad made all the difference for my pillow.  I thought about tufting the seat but time was not on my side.  Next Time!

I encourage you to look at everything around you as a canvas or even as a blank piece of cardstock.  I have taken ideas from cards and transferred them to upcycled home decor projects.  The sky truly is the limit!
HUGZ and Happy Crafting
Chana Malkah


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