Monday, April 18, 2016

Long Time No Post! - A Cute Gift Idea -

Hello, Crafty Peeples!

Sometimes new crafters are intimidated by the projects they see on FaceBook and some of the challenge sites.  Creating fun and interesting gifts is not always so involved and last week we had a submission that I loved and thought it would be fun to share with you.

Huge Shout Out and Thanks to Tracey Fehr

Tracey provides a list of the supplies she used and there is also a link to a video that will help you if you are interested in creating shaped cards.    I plan to make a few of these for Mother's Day gifts.

As always, remember that you can create your project using the materials you have on hand.

If you decide to create this project, we would love to have you share it with us!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Challenge # 11 - Up-cycled Banana Stand

Hello, Crafty Beginners!

This week's challenge is:  Upcycle a common household item.

We all have things around the house that could use a little Spring sprucing up.  I have decided to spruce up anything that is remotely connected to my illness.

I eat a lot of Bananas because I NEVER want to have to take potassium again.

Banana Stand
Chalk or Acrylic Paint
Decoupage Glue
Matte Varnish
Disassemble and Wash thoroughly with warm soapy water.
 I allowed mine to air dry for a day before I started painting.

No one has entered a project in the challenge in the last couple of challenges, so I am not setting up a link.  If you decide to upscale one of your household items and want to share it with me, you can enter it here - Never Ending Challenge

Have A Fabulous Week!