Thursday, December 24, 2015


Hello, Crafty Peeps

You will get here faster than you can imagine!  That's part of the Fun!

  I hope this Challenge Community will help you overcome some of the fears that come along with entering the world of crafting.   

Well, let's just get right into it.  
Here are some basic tools and other crafting supplies you will definitely need  to get started.
I have linked to Amazon because it is just easier for me to find most items there.  I am, however, recommending the brands that are specified in the listing below.   I use these products everyday and can vouch for the quality and value.  The cheapest choice is not always the best choice.

Paper Trimmer  


Craft Knife
This is the knife I use.  I would be lost without it.  Cost a little more..but worth it.

This is my second knife!

Bone Folder

Score Board
(This is not an immediate need, since you can score your projects using your Paper Trimmer)

Die Cutting and Embossing - Manual
** Visit our page on Manual Cutting Machines to read about the differences in these machines. 
I would recommend purchasing the Big Shot Plus.

Dies - Metal and Steel Rule
I would recommend purchasing the basic shapes first.
Squares, Ovals, Rectangles, Circles
Sizzix, Tim Holtz, Spellbinders, and Memory Box are among my favorite Die companies.
You may want to purchase a few decorative dies, but, in the beginning you should probably only purchase one or two.  A lot will depend on your design aesthetic.

Paper - Card Stock//Cover Stock
**You need good, heavyweight paper #24 or higher.  I often use Cover Stock which is heavier than Card Stock.  Card Stock is good to start.

Designer Papers
This is a matter of personal taste.  I would recommend not purchasing too many of the Paper Stacks.   I would look for places that sell paper by the sheet and purchase a few that I like for specific projects.   Until you start making large numbers of cards, you may find yourself stuck with paper that your never use.  I speak from experience.  
As a matter of fact, from time to time, 
I may try to unload some of my stash on you guys! :D

Here is a place that sells by the sheet.  They also have a lot of discontinued stock.
 I also recommend:
Oozak is a great place to purchase Copic Markers  (more about that later)
I am an Amazon Prime Member so I purchase quite a bit from them, however,  I always comparison shop.  Remember to always factor in shipping and taxes.
Miscellaneous Supplies
Double-sided Tape
Liquid Adhesives**
Masking Tape/Painters Tape
Of course you will need a few stamps.  Acrylic or Wood Block Stamps. 

This page will be updated as needed!


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