Friday, September 16, 2016

More Fun Tutorials: My Creative Scoop, Creative Smiles, and Ink On My Fingers

Hey, Crafters!
Here are some more fun blogs with creative tutorials!

1.  Mindy Baxter of My Creative Scoop!  If you are like me, you can always use help coloring with Copics.  In her fabulous step-by-step tutorial, Mindy shows you How To Color Grass.  If only my grass could look like hers!
Isn't this just too cute?
Pay Mindy a visit, give it a try!
Come back here and post your project in our Never-ending challenge!

2.  Donna Ellis of Creative Smiles!   Donna's fabulous Butterfly Flutter design is just off the chain.  I love tall cards, I love creative die designs and I love this project!  The tutorial is cogent and beautifully photographed.  
Lovely work and the palette is simply stunning!

3.  Billie, over at Ink On My Fingers, is one of my favorite designers.  Her designs are creative and fun!   Billie usually spotlights interesting techniques and this week she created a fabulous fall scene using the Masking Technique.   If you did not know differently, you would think it is a single stamped image.   Great Job, Billie!

I really thought the leaves and the ant were one stamp!

Stop by and leave a little love on the blogs of these wonderful designers!  Thank them for sharing their talent and inspiring us all!

Chana Malkah


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  2. Thanks for sharing these, so interesting and inspiring.... off now to create some grass :)

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