Understanding Color & The Meaning of Color
By Joel Lumon Black
Color meanings vary from culture to culture and will influence the impact your design has on your targeted audience. Here is a list of a few meanings on how colors are interpreted by brands:

Color Wheel

Color Wheel

Color Wheel
  • Hue is the primary value of a color and how the color red, green, blue, purple, etc. is perceived through the eye.
  • Saturation of a color is the overall intensity or brightness of the color, any color that appears dull is referred to as desaturated.
  • Value is the lightness or darkness of overall colors schemes.
    • Blue: Security, Trust Worthy, Stability, Loyalty, Wisdom, Confidence, Trust, Friendliness, Preservation, Courage, Science.
    • Green: Wealth, Money, Calming, Trees, Ambition, Endurance, Healing, Calm, Generosity, Natural, Completion, and Protection.
    • Red: Energy, Power, Vigor, Leadership, Courage, Passion, Activity, Joy.
    • Yellow: Optimism, Childish, Freshness, Law, Education, Arrogance.
    • Pink: Romantic, Feminine, Love, Beauty.
    • Orange: Cheerful, Passion, Pleasure, Enthusiasm, Fascination, Creativity, Fun.
    • Black: Powerful, Mysterious, Elegance, Sophistication, Functionality. 
    • Research Trends
    • Read design magazines
    • watch television commercial, see what colors are popular
    • watch fashion trends
    • Watch Tutorials
    • YouTube Videos
    • Design Gallery Videos and Tutorials (SCS, StampTV, etc.)
    • Experiment
    • Use the colors from your paper stash,.mix them up in unusual ways
    • Keep a color journal with your favorite palettes

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